How to strengthen the child’s immune system ?

1. Giving drink broth hips
Rosehip – champion the content of vitamin C, you can give it to the kids with four months of age .
But be aware that this product is useful for immunity displays potassium from the body. So if giving broth hips , at the same time let the apricots , raisins , bananas – everything contains potassium and allowing the child’s age .
Rosehip tea sold in a pharmacy , but it is easy to prepare at home . Two tablespoons of fresh or dried berries pour a liter of boiling water and leave overnight in a thermos or wrapped towel.
Or this: 100 grams of dried or 50 grams of fresh hips pour a liter of water and half an hour to keep on low heat.
Giving is not constant , and courses for 2 – 3 weeks followed by a break for a month.

2 . Instead of sugar added to food honey .
This rule , of course, is valid only for those children who do not have allergies to honey. By the way, allergic to this useful product is found in only 2 % of people in the world. A myth giperallergennosti honey caused by his massive fraud .
For example, often the cause of allergies is the presence in the purchase sugar cane honey . And it may well be that pure honey on the baby and there is no allergy .
But if your baby has been allergy to honey , it is unlikely you will want to experiment , giving him a different sort – that’s understandable.
But if your baby honey is well tolerated , and add it to the broth hips , and porridge and tea for half a teaspoon .
Honey is rich in micro-and macro-elements , enzymes and vitamins , and is particularly useful as an honeycomb .
Here’s a great recipe .
You will need : 200 grams of dried apricots , raisins, 200 grams , 200 grams of walnuts , 200 grams
prunes , 3 tablespoons of honey and one lemon.
Seeds washed, parboiled , dried. Lemon wash, cut into pieces , remove the seeds . Scroll all through the wringer . In the resulting mixture, add honey and mix well . Store in the refrigerator , take teaspoon before breakfast.

3 . Added to salads and soups couple crushed garlic cloves .
Garlic has a strong bactericidal properties. Furthermore, it includes adenosine – derivative nucleic acid which , in turn , is a building material for DNA and RNA.
And in garlic have selenium, germanium and silicon that provide activity of vitamins C and E.
Part of its beneficial properties and garlic retains heat treatment , so it can be added , for example, and steamed vegetables .
And during the flu epidemic in the children constantly keep a plate with chopped garlic – it saturates the air with volatile production , due to which the body more effectively resists various viruses .
Confuses many breath after meals with garlic. To get rid of it , enough to chew mint leaf or a sprig of parsley .

4.Est carrots.
Carrots – just a storehouse of carotene , which the body converts into vitamin A. But it is not only the dignity of carrots.
It purifies the blood , detoxifies the body , normalizes metabolism, increases the activity of all organs.
Due to the high content of volatile production carrots able to influence the pathogenic microflora is almost as efficient as onions and garlic.
Useful carrot and lettuce , especially with green apple and juice form . And for better absorption of carotene is better to eat it with fat – cream or sour cream .
But carrots, as well as any other useful product should be consumed in moderation. If you overdo it , the liver just can not cope with the processing of carotene and skin of the baby

4 . Twice a week to cook red fish .
The main thing that makes a useful red fish – the omega -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It strengthens the immune system , blood vessels , brain and nervous tissue.
In addition, phosphorus in fish have a beneficial effect on brain activity , and iodine, promoting proper operation of the thyroid gland.
Expensive varieties of red fish , such as salmon and salmon can be successfully replaced by cheaper , but no less useful, for example , chum .
But there is a caveat – babies under two years of red fish should not give , they can cause problems with digestion. And to begin to acquaint the child with red varieties better with salmon – it is the least fatty .
You can cook in the foil , and can be a little boil , chop , pour the milk and beaten eggs and bake in the oven until done.

5 . Twice a week to give the child nuts – 20-30 grams .
It is worth to remark: for the first time to try nuts kids desirable not before five years. Please give one nut per day and watch the reaction of the body to avoid allergies.
If your child overweight , it is best to help him lose weight , and then included in the diet of nuts.
What is the use of nuts for immunity ?
First, all nuts are a source of unsaturated fatty acids which are essential for normal growth, development and maintenance of vascular elasticity .
Secondly , nuts , especially hazelnuts, rich in vitamin E – a known antioxidant .
Thirdly , nuts – a vegetable protein, which is close in value to proteins of animal origin.

6. Fill salads with olive oil.
The ancient Greeks called olive oil “liquid gold” . There was a time when oil was used as a currency.
It consists almost entirely of unsaturated fatty acids , which reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in blood and does not affect the contents of its useful organism species. Good cholesterol , known to children is vital. And fats found in olive oil, similar in composition to fats in the milk .
In addition , olive oil stimulates the development of the skeletal system of a growing organism , strengthens the intestinal wall and has a mild laxative effect.
Already seven months , you can add a drop of olive oil in a child or vegetable puree soup .

7. Keep normal intestine.
Intestine performs the function of immunogenic – stimulates the production of immune cells and immunoglobulin . Most of the nutrients entering the body with food , it is absorbed in the intestine. So that the state is directly related to intestinal health.
To the intestine was normal , let the kid mineral water without gas , dairy products and foods rich in fiber .
Useful for the prevention of drink a decoction of oatmeal month course .
Half a cup of washed oats (not cereals , namely oats ), pour water in the evening – 1.5 liters and infuse overnight in enamelware . In the morning, bring to a boil and boil for half an hour on low heat with the lid closed. After cooling, drain and squeeze well .
Giving your child before eating 2 tablespoons , after 5 years – 100 ml of broth for a month.

And of course, these rules do not override the tempering procedure , walking outdoors and physical activity.

Three wishes mom

I’m sure many pregnant women dream to get away on maternity leave to get enough sleep , take a hobby and hearth. However, after the birth of a baby the usual mode of the day turned upside down.
At night, a favorite child “walks” , cheerful parents and neighbors , but during the day – sleeping. Mom , so have to stand ” on guard” almost around the clock . After all, when the baby is asleep, she brings home the order , preparing dinner , etc. Therefore , sooner or later , Mom , ” burns” , tired emotionally and physically. The monotony and routine work , lack of privacy and basic ” comb ” of thought , lack of sleep – these and many other factors deplete a woman . During the first year of life , the young mother does not have time for anything other than worries about the baby . Naturally, such an exhausting rhythm of it. She begins to experience irritation to others, from the little child and ending with a neighbor from upstairs.
What a dream of a young mother ? Unlikely to be mistaken in assuming that they all want to sleep. Sleepless nights are felt , my mother often feels exhausted and broken . It is understandable, 2-3 hours is not enough for an adult woman for the physical and moral strength . How can that be? Go to bed at the same time with the baby. Chores peredoverte numerous domestic ” helpers ” who do the work for you . Throw the dirty diapers and vests in the washing machine , load the products in Multicookings and go to rest. As they say, let the whole world can wait .
Some women , especially those who were giving birth to an active lifestyle, took a solid position, tired of the monotony of the household . They dream to carve out at least an hour of time to myself to get to a meeting with a friend , go shopping , visit the hairdresser. Try to negotiate with the grandmothers that they at least once a week provided you a ” day off “. If this is not possible , make an appointment with a friend – maybe she will be able to sit with the baby for a while. The next time you help her out .
The third wish of a young mother – an opportunity to be alone with her husband. To solve this dream suggest two options .
The first – is to bring the family to help with the baby. It is very important for recreation “leave ” the child with his grandmother in a literal sense. Try to relax and not think about the kid , these couple of hours that you and your husband can give to each other. Believe me , anything with your kids does not happen, great grandmother cope with their mission – because they were able to grow once you or your spouse.
The second method is more time consuming , but less effective. First of all, you need good ” even walk ” the child before the evening feeding. Make it a relaxing massage , take a dip in the warm water and let the good meal. After all these procedures babies often sleep through the night. While the baby sleeps , you can be alone with her husband.
Theory – the theory , but in fact her mother can not rest often . Because of this, often accumulate irritation that no – no, and spills out into the surrounding . Try to understand what is causing you such a storm of negative emotions. Talk about it with your spouse openly admit that your power is running out and you need support . Discuss the issue calmly , gently , without aggression and attacks .
Annoying thing is that you do not have time to deal with all the chores, and they build up a heavy load ? Study books on time management and learn how to correctly distribute the tasks for the day. Make them gradually , but not nervous .

Children’s ” Hall of Fame ” with his own hands

That children develop harmoniously , they should praise ! Kids are very important to know that mom and dad are proud of them , their successes and achievements . Let us now prepare to build for children ” honor roll ” ?
Kids love to draw, paint of your favorite cartoons . But this is the real works of art! Why not organize a solo exhibition of the works of your little artist ? Perhaps the impression that there will be a child of the event, will fall to his liking and he wants to exercise their creativity in the visual arts .

For this we need:

• a few pegs ;
• board ( sizes depend on the scope of Arts of your offspring and the availability of the free wall) ;
• Acrylic paint ;
• paint for wood ( you can buy at any hardware store ) ;
• glue.

The first step is to paint the piece of wood to the desired color . This can be done using conventional paints for wood. First apply a very thin layer , otherwise the paint will be a long time to dry. If, after drying, you will see that the board is required to cover with another layer , do it . Pre- board surface can be sanded to make it more even and smooth .
Now it is time to paint clothespins . They will serve as the holders of creative works . For staining of clothespins use acrylic paint. For convenience during the application , put a clothespin , for example, on the glass : so you do not dirty your hands , and the paint will go smoothly.
When the paint is on the board and clothespins dry , parts are ready for further action.
Now we need to put a mark on the board , which will be placed clothespins . Take a ruler and make the surface of the board a few marks at equal distances .
In marked locations glue clothespins . After the glue clothespins can further decorate . It could be all sorts of patterns, a felt applique . An alternative option could serve found on the internet and printed patterns. They can be glued directly to the clothespins .
After all of our billet for the ” Leaderboard ” dried up , attach it to the wall . This will help you dad .
You’re done! Now you can organize an exhibition by attaching clothespins most successful creations of your child.
The advantage of ” Leaderboard ” is not only the fact that it is easy to construct . It is very important that this mobile exhibition equipment and allows you to quickly and often to change the exposure. Try to make a board with the children. I hope they will enjoy this workshop and your family spend time with benefits and positive. Successful crafts with the kids!
Asya Labunskaya

Hardening kids

Everyone knows that the tempering resistance develops immunity to bacteria and viruses. Also tempering reduces the body’s sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature during the cooler seasons. Kids need to harden gradually. There are several types of hardening.

The great outdoors
The first thing we do hardening breastfed baby and without knowing when to get him out of a warm bed to swaddle or change a diaper . Also, when the child let in the newly -ventilated room we arrange it contrasting air baths . Arrange the baby often air bath – lozhite just lie naked grudnichka . And then teach your child to do exercises with open window , gradually
adjusting the time from 2 to 10 minutes (but the temperature must be below 18 C)

Water Treatments
Accustom to water procedures in the following order – water bath , cool off and then pouring . The child’s body accustomed to the cold water gradually. Must be patient . Carefully measure the temperature of the water or carefully keep track of the duration of the procedures . The rule is : either increase the duration of treatments with cold water or with each passing day reduces the temperature of the water in the well- established time.

Rubdown and dousing
As already mastered the foot bath , you can start to wet sponging . For this procedure, you will need a towel. Start with 25-29 C and bring the temperature up to 18 – 20C, lowering it by 1- 2C every 3 days. And if a child gets sick often , then lowering it slowly. Follow sponging with tepid water ( 25 ° C ) for 1-2 weeks , Observe , if the body does not react to cold sponging . And only then wipe the general scheme .
In the first place a damp towel wipe your hands and feet – fast circular or longitudinal movements of the fingers to the body. Then proceed to the chest, abdomen and back . At the end of the baby wipe dry with a towel , put on pajamas and wrap a blanket.
Pouring spend in the same way . To do this, use a watering can or bucket . Make sure that the baby does not wet the hair and avoid drafts after the procedure. Experienced kid with time can be translated into a douche ( from pjatochek to his shoulders ) : 30-60 seconds under cold , then under warm . Repeat 1-2 times.

The scheme hardening using foot baths
• Initial water temperature – 20 ° C
Lower the legs of the baby in a basin of water in the first 1-2 minutes (3-4 days ), followed by 3 minutes ( for 3-4 days). After that, increase the daily treatment time by 1 minute (up to 10 minutes).
• Initial water temperature – 33-30 C
Reduce the daily water temperature by 1-2 degrees . Gradually bring up to 20-18 C. The duration of no more than 5-10 minutes.
Mommy do not be afraid to temper their kids , because it affects the health of your baby!

How to raise a happy man

Surely, every parent wants to raise a responsible, independent, and most importantly, happy child. But that’s just a question – how? What methods of training are best used? We will try to help you sort out these issues. We will give some advice that will be relevant in the upbringing of three – year-old child and an adult child of thirty.
To read the article, it was interesting, we presented it in an unusual way. Imagine that talks to you your baby. His vocabulary is small, but it may already be something – that you to hear. Tune in and listen carefully to his crumbs.
“… Dear Mom and Dad, I love you, but sometimes I find it very sad, because you lot were forbidden. And as the explanation is – because you can not, or do you still small. When old enough, then you will understand everything. Yes, I’m small, but many can understand. You only need to spend more time to explain. After all, when I hear a detailed response to my question, I’m getting smarter and understand much more.
If I was guilty or really done what should be done. To begin with, tell me, why it could not be done, and then punish. Just remember that the punishment should be fair. Can deprive me of my favorite toys for a while. Yes, of course, I have offended. But it does not mean that I do not love you anymore. For me it will be a lesson. But do not get any benefit from physical punishment. Why would not punish me physically. I’m starting to feel helpless, humiliated, I visited resentment and a sense that you do not love me.
Of course, I like to be pampered, all-all I’m allowed to. But a good result it will not. Be strict and learn to tell me “no.” Explain to me what that word means. But to use it at every available opportunity is not necessary. I’m developing, and I want to know more about everything that surrounds me. I say no, only in the event that such a response is appropriate.
Mommy and Daddy, I do not have enough of your attention. I know that you’re often busy, a lot of time at work. But highlight a couple of hours a day to communicate with me. I love it when we play together, draw, instead of preparing dinner or doing tidy. And in the morning, tell me about what your day will be busy. And I love it when you ask advice from me! It is very important that you value my opinion! After all, you do not just Mom and Dad, you are my best friends.
Despite the fact that I was still small, I already have a point of view, their thoughts and feelings. Even if they seem silly to you, but they need to be respected. You too were kids, remember what it’s like for you do not listen.
I really want to feel that you love me. I say the words “I love you” as often as possible. This is not to pamper me, and will add to the confidence. I will know that I appreciate, and therefore, I need someone. And it is important to embrace me. Give me a hug in the morning and at night, it goes without saying. Need to hug me for the day. I especially like!
There is a saying “learn from your mistakes.” So here I am, too, will learn from their mistakes. Not too scold me for them. Indeed, sometimes without errors is indispensable. Of course, if I decided to make a serious and also dangerous error, to protect me from it.
Most often, you dear parents, pay attention only to the poor. Punish, scold. What about my good deeds? They also require attention? Who will praise me? So, I conclude, a good time you do not notice, I’ll do bad. Somehow draw attention to himself.
I want to childhood etched in my memory, I want to remember all of the most fun and happy moments. So share with me with positive emotions. Take me with you everywhere, rejoice with me. Then I really will be the most happy man, and I will have the most memorable childhood! “.
We hope that this conversation with your child will help you raise a really happy person.

Adaptation to kindergarten

Adaptation to kindergarten
Adaptation to kindergarten – one of the most important issues of child development and parent-child relationships. Kindergarten – the only place in which modern urban child can get a regular full communion with constant peer group. In this process of communication baby makes great strides in his personal development. He learns to be a member of, as well as friends, quarrel and make peace. Scarce observes the behavior of other children and adults in a variety of situations that he would never see at home.
In addition, by observing and comparing, the child gets a lot of information about themselves, about what he said, what is different and what is similar to the other children.
One of the first question arises: when all of the above to the child?
At 2 years the kids are not really aware of its separateness from the mother and the extremely low tolerance separation from her. Even in 3 years, when it is recommended to start visiting the garden, this experience is still small, so it requires adaptation.
For a kid from the letter situation was totally unexpected, stressful and frightening. The presence of mother would facilitate his life, he would gradually explored a new place, and got used to used to, but my mother was not allowed. There has been a traumatic rupture of parent-child relationship, the child fell under the power is often indifferent to nemulyudey, systems, felt fear, insecurity and betrayal by the mother.
Fortunately, in this case the mother is understood. She found a way not to continue painful for the child visit the garden and put to work. The child now needs time to calm down and realize that the more it will never leave. That is why he is anxious, and control and shows his concern. All of these symptoms within the normal home life and communication will gradually go away, the tension will subside, and similar traumatic experience should not be repeated. The decision to postpone kindergarten to 3 years in this case was entirely correct.
The main thing – to adapt to the garden gently and properly. Usually, the maximum term of such an adaptation is three weeks.
10 rules to adapt to kindergarten:
The first week of leave crumbs in the garden for 2-3 hours (to him there was no need to sleep, eat and play only if he wants).
In the second week suggest to the child to sleep in the garden (with the condition that after sleep you’ll take him for sure).
Promises made to the child, it is necessary to carry out faithfully – do not be late.
To get used to a new area of ​​life in the garden, a child needs a home, as a bastion of permanence and stability.
Limit trips, holidays and excursions – all it will take, but a little later.
When the child first took a nap in the garden, consider a victory won. Adaptation to the garden, you are gone.
Gradually increase the time of the child’s stay in the garden, come to him early, leave later, briefly depart in between.
If possible, do not leave crumbs in the garden 5-6 pm.
There will come a time (closer to the third week) when a child is upset that her mother came so early – he still wants to play.
Under pipsqueak mastered, new relationships built, feels comfortable and secure, trusted caregivers – can leave it for a full day.
The child needs to communicate more with peers
Basically, all the recommendations are to ensure that the child be given to kindergarten from 3 years. But I think that if the mother plans to immediately exit the decree on the job, better still do it early.
I gave her son to kindergarten in 2 years, 2 months and did not regret this, because, having left a year of the decree, I sat quietly with a toddler at home, not only during the disease, but after a week or two, the baby regained his strength and went into the garden is completely healthy and consolidated. Rarely went out to work, can not afford this luxury. And I think it is no secret that the first time your baby will get sick more often than usual.
At 2 years the child has little contact with his family and on the court. For example, it is in the garden of my son found the best friends that friendly to this day, and even met his first love. Thanks to the garden he acquired the qualities of character that my mother did not teach. Kids grow up together from a young age, is very friendly and each other are the mountain.
2 years – it is the age when the child calmly goes to pot, is able to eat on their own.
But of course, there is always focus more on the child than on the book and someone’s opinion.
At home, kindergartens see more benefits
My kid goes to kindergarten household type. There children develop in the atmosphere, most home-like. And I’m sure they know how to cook zdest semolina baby! But first things first, here are its advantages.
In this garden there is no hard routine. Child goes to bed when he is tired, sits down at the table, when hungry.
A small number of children (5-6 people), all ages. This group is similar to a large family, where the older junior help take care of them, and the kids are learning to listen to their elders, execute the rules.
Guys eat homemade food, it is possible to take into account the individual characteristics crumbs.
Children are actively involved in the daily household chores, can feel their independence.
Baby do not need to bring in and take out of the garden at certain times. If you need to stay longer, you can just call the teacher.
In this garden, kids are much less sick and less likely to get injured – for them easier to see.
And the year before school, I plan to put the baby in a regular kindergarten, so he is used to special classes and school discipline.

Grand opening

A newborn boy glans closed tender skin – the foreskin, which does not move from the spot. Very soon, many parents begin to wonder: is it ok?
The answer, most doctors give the affirmative: within a certain time as it should be. Condition is called physiological phimosis. The age at which the discovery should occur, determines the nature. The main thing is to make it happen before puberty, that is, up to 14-16 years.
However, many doctors jump to conclusions and often recommend circumcision (circumcision) is in its infancy for the augmented prevention. His decision often motivated by the fact that under the foreskin accumulate dirt, which can cause inflammation.

Call to action
Inflammation can indeed take place, and at an early age. If caused by microorganisms inflamed foreskin, doctors say about balanitis if both inflamed glans penis – the balanoposthitis. This usually occurs when the inner layer between the foreskin and the skin heads have spikes, called adhesions. By the way, they often appear after the rash attempt to open the head of the penis. And this is not the most innocuous medical consequences haste. If the procedure was not compelling evidence, and it can not bring any results, and sometimes after it leaves scars – the result of rupture of untreated tissue of the foreskin, which you can get rid of only by surgery.
When inflammation of the foreskin there is swelling, redness, with a bluish tinge, purulent discharge. The fight with the disease is reduced to uncomplicated trick: after every trip to the toilet “in a little” baby penis for a few minutes to put it in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. When inflammation persists, consult a doctor. Perhaps he sees fit to open the boy glans to a measured term nature. By the way, only the appearance of inflammation can be substantiated reason for surgery.
Nothing extra
Each link in our body performs some function, and therefore, whatever we need. However, not all doctors share this opinion.
Not long ago, the U.S. experts have decided to do all newborns circumcision for hygienic purposes. Doctors around the world still remember how similar experiments were carried out over the appendix. There was a time when it was cut nearly born children. However, experience has shown that the appendix is ​​not an extra cog. Another thing, if an inflammation (appendicitis) – then there is every reason to have surgery. The same is true of the foreskin. In addition, studies have shown that the probability of inflammation does not depend on whether it is a boy or not. Only one conclusion: no need to resort to extreme measures without medical or religious reasons.

The first year of life, all in good time

The first year of life
As reported recently, the British newspaper “The Independent”, “scientific approach to the education of children has reached such a level that there are special tests created to check the IQ of babies.” The newspaper was referring to test designed for children aged 6 to 12 months. (While answering questions in the questionnaire are, of course, adults.) Test has been developed by child psychologists order producing baby products company “Fisher-Price”.
He should reveal whether the child responds to his name, how active it is responding to their environment, how to deal with toys, etc. They say the creators of the test, and their goal is to help parents “who need confirmation that their child is developing normally, in accordance with the standards for their age. ”
This test will be given in the end of this article. But first a brief look at some of the peculiarities of the child up to one year, which is useful to know the parents.
Outstanding expert in child psychology, our compatriot Vygotsky first year of life divided into two periods. The first period, which he called the neonatal period, characterized by a state of passivity, and 80 percent of the time a newborn spends in a dream, with between sleep and wakefulness is no clear boundary.
The outside world for the child as it opens in the age of two months. Begins infancy, or rather its first stage. According to Vygotsky, the child gradually absorb the visual impressions, he was listening to the sound, though initially only issued by him. It extends to the subjects for their hands, lips and tongue. In this time of evolving and the makings of manual activity.
At the age between the 5th and 6th month of the child already has activity that goes beyond a simple response to external stimuli. This is the second stage of infancy. He learns to grab objects, sitting, crawling. Trying to imitate the movements of adults and sounds he hears.
Finally, in the third stage of infancy, which starts on the 10th month, there are the beginnings of a more complex forms of behavior: the first use of tools and the use of words expressing wishes. A child, for example, can use the rope to pull himself to the distant object. Vygotsky saw this as the first signs of intellectual activity.
Slightly deviating from the topic, we want to advise our dear women, if necessary use a great videokursom eva Bronski bear, which gives a chance to thousands of infertile women to experience the joy of motherhood.
Just how important to the development of the child has an emotional connection with an adult, they say, and the latest research. These studies were carried out, for example, at the Leipzig Institute for Evolutionary Psychology. Scientists have shown in particular that the child learns more quickly new words, provided that communicates with another person. Conversely, if the “teacher” is used VCR, screen is a speaker is trying to explain the same words, the child is simply not paying attention to him.
As it turned out recently, the ratio of adults to the baby is not only their emotional and intellectual development, but also the formation of the structure of the brain, which continues throughout the first years of life. Scientists who examined young orphan in a Romanian orphanage, found only a “black hole” in the place where there was supposed to be the so-called prefrontal cortex – part of the brain responsible for social development of the child, that is the way it will be to build relationships with other people. Later, the children were adopted by British married couples. They quickly made up for lost time in physical and mental terms, but, as acknowledged by watching their destiny British psychologist, there remain serious behavioral problems. Many children, for example, never had the feeling of attachment to the foster parents. Deep wound inflicted in early childhood lack of parental love, never healed.
Thus, the important thing to the little man in the first year of life – it’s attention, care and love of those close to him of adults, especially parents.

The benefits of crying

The benefits of crying
Very often children – both boys and girls – are capricious at times of crisis, one year, three years and seven years. From mom needs special extract to handle them. Crying, like laughter, is a completely natural process, conceived by nature, which means that at some point it is needed by the body. It is known that tears
best to soothe and relieve stress when a person is under stress;
Print various harmful toxic substances (toxins) from the part of the eye and the whole body;
train light baby;
contribute to the development of antibacterial substances that increase the body’s resistance to infections;
stabilize the nervous system and normalize its work;
has an analgesic effect, if the person is crying in pain.
Boys Do not Cry?
Tears allow baby to express their feelings as well as laugh, smile. You would have forbidden his son to have fun? Then do not reproach him for crying, blaming words “what are you crying like a little girl? ‘. Why is the boy to cry, and as bringing up a “real man”, not to go too far? Let’s see!
Why is harmful not to cry?
For the baby, who can not yet speak, crying – perhaps the only real way to tell mom and dad that something is bothering him, and the only way he can ask to be with him to pet him. In the first years of life your toddler is most in need of compassion and understanding, and your criticisms only strengthen irritation crumbs. However, the older child has the right to tears. Scolding for being too emotional, you get a son to hide his feelings. If a kid learns to hold back the tears in a stressful situation, it does not mean that he will learn to overcome stress. All negative emotions “will hide” inside, will erode the body, and the osprey, the volcano breaks out. As a result, in a really stressful situations, he can throw a tantrum, screaming and the collapse of all that comes handy. Then, feeling sadness and shame, will withdraw into themselves until the next tantrum. Inside the stimulus will grow as a lump, which may even lead to mental disorders. In the best case, a boy who always used to the fact that feelings need to hide, can not be emotionally open, when he grows up. According to studies, children who from an early age forbidden to cry harder experiencing stress, more prone to neurosis, more likely to suffer later in life from heart disease, hypertension, migraine, asthma and other ailments.
Than dramatize the situation, it is better to try to understand it. Quite often it happens that the child has not yet had time to get scared, or understand, it hurts him or not, and the surrounding adults with all his running for him, his behavior, facial expressions and tone clearly indicating that there was something wrong, and so convinced of the this and crumbs. As a result, the baby starts to cry not because of their own experiences, but in response to the behavior of others. Remember that too much care as well as the excessive rigidity in the education of boys, can lead to a variety of negative consequences. In particular, over-OPEC baby, you develop it infantilism and moodiness, not giving an opportunity to show leadership qualities.
In bringing up a baby is extremely important that the specific tactics of both parents was the same: Speak to my husband how you deal with the tears of your victim.
How to bring a man: 5 Tips
When a child begins to understand the difference in the behavior of boys and girls, the risk to develop his negative attitude to the opposite sex. So do not overdo the phrases “only girls cry,” “naughty, like a girl!”. Explain your child’s behavior is not dissatisfaction with gender and understandable reasons for it. For example, if the son threw a tantrum because you leave it in kindergarten, say: “We are with the Pope to go to work, and you are naughty, and you will not let us go.” Compare this with the phrase: “Have you no shame? Revesz worse devchon-ki! “. See, in the last more negative information, and it can be read as crumbs, “girl boy worse.”
Educating his son, give him the opportunity to prove himself as a future man. For example, let him help you carry bags from the store, take part together with the Pope in the repair, soothe her younger sister, to yield a girl in a sandbox toy.
Do not forget about sports – it disciplines, has a strength of will, endurance and helps to lose the accumulated aggression. Record the son of the sports section, go the whole family skiing in winter, in the summer to ride a bicycle, rollerblading, swimming.
Education of future men contributes to this communion boy ‘male’ occupations. Pope, for example, can take it with you on a fishing trip, let them together watching football matches on television, discuss them, share their impressions.
Let the boy make noise and mischief – for him, it’s a necessity, because by its nature, boys were more active than girls. Suitable action games, you can just tinker with his son on the carpet. Of course, everything has to be within reason – try to not overexcited kid at bedtime, do not allow him to show aggression and violence in games.
Boy’s whims
If you pay attention to the boy, then learn how to determine when it is really a concern, but when he was just acting up, trying to attract the attention of parents. That is, in other words, checks its zone of influence. If the baby is doing well, it is full, keep warm, but he still cries, perhaps pipsqueak trying to manipulate you with tears. Do not give in to provocation and do not shout. Perhaps the boy did not have enough attention, and it is the only way to get it from you. In this case, the child may form the habit of crying when the kids discover that their actions cause some adults to focus on them, then try to repeat these actions, even if the adults are unhappy with their behavior. Talk to the kid. Explain that the vagaries can not obtain the desired and there is a totally different way. The main thing – do not give up their claims. If you said to the boy that he was not crying succeeds, and then fell back, keep in mind that it will put pressure on you to tears again and again. If the words do not have the action and the child does not rest – leave him and let him yell and cry a little bit alone. When he passed, but sooner or later it will happen, talk to him calmly, tell me what you do not like this behavior and you do not want to repeat again.
Try to prevent the crying baby, switched his attention to tell him where he can get the desired item and your attention or say why he can not get now.
Under 3 years
2-3 years child still does not understand the difference between the sexes and does not understand that in the future, he’s a man. So he will not be able to understand the arguments of parents like “do not cry, you’re a guy!”. At this age, the boy is too young to cope without tears with their negative emotions. Blame, shame him for it is senseless – except resentment and even more irritation, the crumbs it did not cause. He just feels that you do not support, and nothing at that age is not important for the baby as the support of parents, especially mothers. At this age, the boy is very tightly linked with it, even though the father plays a very important role in the life of his son. During this period it is important not to convince the kid that he has to be strong and do not explain that crying – for the weak, and to give him the love and sense of security. Only then the little man goes to the next stage of its development psychologically prepared.
Age 3 to 6 years
From 3 years old kids start to allocate its own “self”, explore themselves, actively interested in sexuality for the first time aware of a boy or a girl. Clear sexual install it formed only by 6 years. At this age, the boy learns to control their feelings and understand “worthy” a reason tears. At this point, it makes sense to have his son about how he should behave in a given situation, when emotions should contain and why, and when they can be given out. Do not be surprised if a 3-year-old boy trying to play with dolls or stuffed animals more than in cars and railways. This is normal and to some extent even useful: playing with toy rabbit, the boy learns to look after and take care of the younger and weaker. However, should encourage his son manifestation of “male” traits, try to get it to communicate more with their father and their peers of the same sex. Do not report the boy who fell or shock, crying. Results of such “education” will bring. It is better to sit next to him, pity him, and the next time he hits and not cry, be sure to praise him for his courage, “Good for you, stand it like a real man! Another would be in your place, crying, and you were strong! “

Method of early development G.Domana – what is it?

Method of early development G.Domana – what is it?
Famous for its stunning results of early child development, Glenn Doman method still is of great interest and many controversial issues in teachers, doctors and parents.
Using a unique method of stimulating brain activity during active growth of the child, Glenn Doman and his associates for decades to teach children and their parents, showing excellent results. Being trained on how to Doman, the young genius has to four years successfully perform a variety of exercises on, have a read and write music, they know how to read and write, read aloud and understand several languages.

Doman method is based on the stimulation of the central nervous system and the brain of the child with tactile, visual and auditory perception. The most effective of influencing the mental processes of the child at the age of seven. But the easiest way, the author considers the methodology to attach to the knowledge and desire to learn new things and to provide important, in the first year of life, from education to the very birth of the baby.

Among the various fields of knowledge, Doman prefers reading and math, not forgetting about the physical and motor activity of the child.

Physical development by Doman is a system of exercise and outdoor games from the first days of baby’s life. It is recommended to use a set of movements that involves the active participation of all the muscles of the crumbs (dynamic gymnastics). Children, which involved dynamic exercises from birth, all indicators of development is already ahead of their peers. Thus, the emphasis on physical activity and movement stimulate the child’s mental development, and is a good beginning of the active cognitive activity baby.

Of course, this method has some drawbacks: there is the need to keep a set of cards to practice that takes up most of my free parenting time, which could be spent on communication with the baby.

However, despite the shortcomings, the technique at home successfully, primarily because the child at an early age there is no need for extra motivation to learn. He did not need to explain why it is necessary to know, for the world to learn and explore new things – hobby kid. Correctly and in a timely manner using unlimited opportunities for the development of the child through activities and games, parents provide him the opportunity to develop much faster peers and from birth to discover the world of encyclopedic knowledge.

A bit of history

Having received in 1940 a degree in physical therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, the House devoted itself to the treatment and rehabilitation of children with brain damage. For fifteen years, with an hopelessly ill, he has achieved great results and made some surprising discoveries. In cases where the development and growth of the brain is stopped (as in deep lesions of the brain) or slow (as in moderate damage), it can be made to work. Only it needs to act on it through one of the channels available to us the penetration of information – sight, hearing and touch. It turned out that the process of growth and development of the brain can be enhanced and accelerated! Houses are offered to stimulate the central nervous system and brain with the help of visual perception (visual), hearing (auditory) and by touch (tactile). Children with retarded mental and physical development at regular intervals showing pictures, words written on the cards, while voicing them, learned to crawl, hang on the bars, while they are not able to move. Occupied homes can partially or fully restore motor activity of young patients, helps children in violation of the intellectual ability to get an education, and sometimes even surpass their healthy peers.

In 1955, neuroscientist Glenn Doman and his team founded the Institute of Human Development in Philadelphia. Top 60 results of this scientific research center are well known, and the Doman calls “soft revolution” in science. Developing a system for the rehabilitation of children with severe lesions of the central nervous system, it has come to the conclusion that the best you can to influence the development of the brain during the period of active growth – up to 6-7 years. And, after three years, this process slows down, and after seven practically stops. Therefore, the younger the child, the easier it is to teach. “Even easier to attach to the knowledge of a child under one year” – says Doman. So the idea to use the experience stimulating mental processes to work with normal children.

For several decades, Glenn Doman and his associates teach children and their parents, using a unique method designed to stimulate brain activity. The results of these studies are literally shocking: young students to four years to read and understand texts in several languages, play various musical instruments, demonstrate the brilliant mathematical abilities, perform gymnastics, diving and swimming.

But perhaps the most surprising is that the author offers techniques to master it to all parents who want to give their children an encyclopaedic knowledge. Famous neuroscientist believes that every mother or father can bring brilliant children. Learning objectives parents devoted special courses for pregnant women, seminars for parents who already have children, and, finally, a lot of books by Glenn Doman.

Brain function

Mr. Doman identified six basic functions of the brain that distinguish man from other creatures. This three motor (walking, running, jumping) S, and writing directly related to the other three: seeing, hearing and feeling. Of all living beings on the earth only a man can walk straight, to communicate using gestures, symbols, artificially invented language to write this invented language, reading writing, to understand spoken language and recognize objects by touching them.

It is the implementation of these six functions and serves as a vital test of underdevelopment, normality and gifts. Each of these functions from birth to six years is the seven stages of brain development. On this basis and built a training home.

It should be noted that the most important of these features is listed motor (walking, jumping, running). Every parent who wants to see the child physically perfect, should help him as much as possible to move.